Translation & Interpretation Services

Translation from and into English (certified translator), Spanish (certified translator), Catalan (just from Catalan into all the others mentioned) and Romanian for legal documents and technical, as well as literary texts, medical transcripts, websites etc. • Editing & Proofreading – of previously translated texts, thus delivering a polished copy of your translated document and ensuring that your message is not lost in the process. • Audio & Video transcription and translation – transcription/translation of audio and video material with ease, including: documentaries, reports, conversations and presentations – provided of course that the quality of the audio is adequate.

Interpretation: from and into English, Spanish, Catalan (just from Catalan into all the others mentioned) and Romanian. Simultaneous, whispered interpretation – for situations in which only a small number of participants do not understand the working language of the event. The interpretation is carried out by means of whispering, since the interpreter would be sitting near to the ones not familiar with the language spoken. In every case, the use of simultaneous interpretation is pivotal to the success of your event, since among all the specific goals on the agenda, one of the prime objectives is to achieve an effective and accurate communication.

Consecutive interpretation is the most common form of interpretation, useful in the case of press conferences and business negotiations. The interpreter is required to listen to a consecutive speech in the source language for five to ten minutes (the time varies according to the specific situation), and then interprets or expresses all the contents in the target language, eloquently and accurately.


Translator, Tour guide, Interpreter