• Interpreting:

The minimum charge is 20€/hour for regular consecutive interpreting and 25€/hour for certified interpreting (both Spanish & English) in Notary Public offices. In the case of specialized interpretation terminology, with a higher level of difficulty, prices may increase.

• Translating:

Feel free to request a noncommittal price quote. The price shall be jointly decided with the client, as it varies according to several factors:

1. Delivery deadline: If the translation deadline is extremely tight, and depending on the amount of text to translate in such a short time, a rate of emergency may be applied. In this case, it will be included in your price quote.

Tight deadline refers to:

– Orders sent on Fridays and having the delivery deadline on Mondays (weekends).

– Translations to be delivered on the very same day.

– An amount of work exceeding 10 pages/24 hours.

2.Volume: A larger amount of material to be translated allows the negotiation of the price per page/project.

– The price is set for a standard page of 300 words (in the source language, if  presented in an editable format: Word, Excel,Ppt).

– For documents of less than 300 words, such as diplomas, certificates etc., the minimum pricing  unit is 1 (one) page.

– For the purpose of Proofreading, the beneficiary needs to have the already translated material in an editable electronic format. Proofreading charges are applied to documents that do not have more than 20 errors per page. Otherwise, translation charges shall be applied.

3.Difficulty of the translation/ Subject areas: in the case of specialized translations, with a higher level of difficulty, prices may increase.


! Complimentary and personalized quotes that are tailored to suit your needs and budget.

! Package deals when combining more than one of my services (translation, revision, interpretation), as well as reduced rates for not-for-profit organizations and NGOs.

Contact me by phone or e-mail for your price quote and deadline of your translation.

• Guided Tours:

Rates / Group 2h City Tour

The Quick-Step

3h City Tour

The Quick-Step to a Beer

4h City Tour

The Big Bite

Tailor-made Tour


1-5 tourists 30 euros 40 euros 45 euros Depending on the activities you choose
and time at your disposal
6-10 tourists 45 euros 55 euros 65 euros
11-20 tourists 70 euros 90 euros 115 euros
21+ tourists On request On request On request

*The rates listed above do not include museum fees, public transport tickets, taxi or Rent-a-Car services.


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